Fuel Injector Servicing 

Flow testing injectors allows us to examine the spray pattern of each individual injector. Spray patterns that deivate from intended design indicate a dirty, clogged or damged injector.  Ultrasonic Reverse Flow cleaning allows particles to be loosened and removed safety without forcing them through the tip of the injector. After Injectors are cleaned and servicable parts (ie. filter baskets, o-rings, pintle caps) are replaced they can be put back on the flow bench and tested for the flow produced as well as to check for improved spray patterns.  

With the data obtained from the flow bench we can map the characteristics of each individual injector and better match it with the correct cylinder. We can also determine more accurately when it is time to upgrade your injectors based on your engines' fuel needs.    

Even if your goal is not to make maximum horsepower clean and efficient fuel injectors will improve gas mileage and increase performance. 

Services Include 
  • Flow test injectors
  • Spray pattern test
  • Balance Test
  • Injector mapping
  • Service parts replacment
  • Advanced engine tuning